Do you know NATUREA?

    Naturea, founded in 2010 in Portugal, is a complete and balanced pet food based on a transversal idea: NATURALLY APPROPRIATE pet food.

    What does this mean?

    First and foremost, this concept is the starting point for the inspiration and development of our formulas, which respect the FUNCTION OF THE ANIMAL .

    As dogs are carnivores and cats are strict carnivores, the first ingredients selected for each of our formulas are MEAT OR FISH PROTEINS, originally suited for HUMAN CONSUMPTION for optimal quality and assimilation.

    For perfect completeness, our range includes wet and dry food for CATS and DOGS, carefully prepared to provide our friends with maximum care at every stage of life, because at every age the body has different needs.

    The range also includes treats and chew sticks.

    To guarantee the quality of our food, our ingredients come ONLY from EUROPEAN SUPPLIERS. Their origin is perfectly traceable, carefully selected and prepared for optimal HEALTH and WELFARE in all our products.
    From our kitchens to the bowls of your faithful friends, Naturea is the result of a great PASSION for pets.

    Naturea is divided into 3 dog assortments:

    • Grain-free (without grains) 6 references
    • Naturals (including 5 products consisting solely of one protein source) 8 products
    • Elements (whole grain rice and cereals) 3 references

    The cat range is divided into 2:

    • Grain-free 1 reference
    • Naturals 2 products

    Not to mention wet food for dogs and cats (4 references for dogs and 10 references for cats) and treats and sticks.

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