Who are we?

S4Pets, passing on a passion!

Born out of a true passion for dogs, S4Pets was founded in 2019 by Didier Montens, an animal lover.

From the beginning, the company was built around one philosophy: making dogs happy, and that was the founder's goal, to do everything possible to achieve that!

In 2018, he became a dog educator to help owners better understand how their pets work, and then expanded his knowledge with training in dog nutrition, allowing him to better address the needs of each individual. A perfectionist at heart, Didier combines knowledge and passion to give his best to his owners so they can pass on their knowledge to their best friend.

So in 2019, convinced he could do even more, he founded S4pets, a dog accessories company under the Collar brand. Young, dynamic, colorful and high quality, the range immediately appealed to him. According to him, it is vital that everyone has the best possible equipment to make their pet's life fantastic!

In 2020, S4Pets won the ANIDO Award of the Year for its biocompostable manure bags. Proof that product quality is important to the company.

In 2021, the Kerbl range appeared.

More traditional but just as effective, it meets the needs of our faithful friends and offers a range for cats, rodents, birds, farm animals, horses and farm animals. Happiness is for everyone!

Finally, in 2022, S4Pets decided to combine wellness and fun by offering a range of food for dogs and cats. It chose Wow and Naturea, two complementary brands that would be joined in 2023 by Fish for Dogs. Nutrition is the key to our pets' peace of mind!

It goes without saying that each of our products is selected with the utmost care, with the aim of satisfying both the owner and the animal.

Well-being, comfort, functionality and fun are the keywords that motivate our choices. Because it is essential to share the joy of being together, and this can only be understood if you experience it yourself, every day!

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